Learn how to pace yourself when  chronically ill!

Discover the simple pacing strategies that will radically increase your energy.

Pacing is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate chronic fatigue, so you can live your life to the fullest without feeling exhausted and in pain. 

When you know how to plan your day and manage your energy,  you actually get MORE done, without having to worry about symptom flare-ups.

You can’t keep pushing past your limits until you crash!

Every time you “push through” and ignore your symptoms, your nervous system becomes more dysregulated 

If you stay stuck in this boom-bust cycle, symptoms like headaches, exhaustion, mood swings, and pain will continue to worsen 

Plus, each time you crash, it will take LONGER and LONGER to get back to your baseline.

What Some Of Our Successful Students Have To Say:

“I survived two days at an indoor waterpark with my family!! I paced…and no pain flare!!”

(Fibromyalgia, hEDS)

“Since starting the pacing, for the first time in ages I actually feel better AND I don’t have the urge to burn it all! My brain fog and exhaustion are lifting. I feel empowered!”

(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Lyme, Long Covid, Hypermobility, HPA Axis Dysfunction)

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder

“Yesterday I submitted my final research for my Master’s degree! I really didn’t think I would be able to finish with my health, but through it I learned how to really pace on such a high spoon task. I’m really proud!”


“I washed my hair this week for the first time without needing to be in bed for the rest of the day!"

(Post Concussion Syndrome)

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder
How much is The Art of Pacing Course?
How much time, money, and energy are you spending visiting numerous health providers, desperately seeking solutions?

Some treatments/ supplements/ medications provide temporary relief - but most don’t address the ROOT issue of our chronic fatigue.

What is it costing you to be mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted all of the time?

How is it impacting your relationships, life, career, finance, and well-being?

And how could everything change if you had less symptoms and more energy?

Well, you can learn the EXACT pacing strategies I used to go from stuck in bed on disability leave, to THRIVING on long hikes for ONLY $44. 

Is “The Art of Pacing” worth 10x that investment?


But we’re committed to helping as many people as we can discover
the life-changing benefits of pacing!
Your investment is backed by our 90-day money-back GUARANTEE!
I want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply e-mail my support team at hello@thespooniementor.com requesting a full, immediate refund!

No questions asked.

~Emily Fraser, Chronic Illness Advocate
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Meet your instructor:

Emily Fraser,

Chronic Illness Advocate

After years of struggling with multiple diagnoses, Emily figured out how to go from stuck in bed on disability leave, to THRIVING on 2-hour hikes. 

Now she’s on a mission to empower others with the resources they need to build a live they love ALONGSIDE their chronic health conditions. 

She is the host of the top-rated show, The Spoonie Podcast, and has helped thousands of people reclaim their health and well-being

Enroll in The Art of Pacing Now!

Lifetime access (including ALL updates) 

Exclusive access to my custom mobile app so you can watch/listen from anywhere 

Short, simple videos/slides that are released over 3 weeks to reduce overwhelm

90-day money-back guarantee

BONUS #1: Three Live Q&A Calls ($297 Value) 

BONUS #2: Flare-Up Fix Protocol ($197 Value)

Doors close on July 12 at 11pm MST because the first live call start the following week! 


Send Emily a DM on Instagram @TheSpoonieMentor or contact hello@thespooniementor.com

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